Thursday, 2 June 2016

Latest 50++ Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Dirty truth or dare questions push the boundaries of sex and intimacy, and invite new worlds of pleasure into the lives of the participants. To get things going, here are some dirty truth or dare questions that you may ask your partner to do, or confirm that they are indeed how you partner thinks. The idea behind playing dirty truth or dare and coming up with questions is to keep things fun and to find out about more about each other. Dirty truth or dare questions If you start off with the craziest questions you can think of, you'll probably freak your partner out, and vice versa. You could also make these ideas the launch pad and create your own Truth and Dare ideas; it is all up to you now. Just remember that when you play this game, the level of comfort that you share with the entire group should play a major role in determining what kind of questions or dare you ask others.

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

You're then going to play the game in turns. If you go first, you need to choose a truth from your man's pile of truths. If you don't want to answer it, you need to choose a dare that you must do. 

Dirty Truth Questions

Do you think about having a threesome with me and another woman/man?

Have you fantasized about anal on me?

How was your first time?

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Your favorite body part on a woman is?

Where is the most public place you have had sex?

Do you want to be tied up and gagged?

How big is it?

What is your favorite position?

Have you ever screamed someone's name?

Have you ever made love?

Have you ever cried during an orgasm?

How many times a day can you masturbate?

Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?

What is the dirtiest, most vile fantasy you've ever had?

Have you ever watched porn?

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done sexually?

Have you ever fantasized about a friend’s mom, or sister?

Have you ever had sex blindfolded?

If you could fantasize about one celebrity, who would it be?

Dirty Dares Questions

Go down on me for 5 minutes.

Get naked and stand in the backyard.

Dare you to rub your dick over my lips.

Dare you to take a piece of candy, put it on my clitoris and lick it off.

Spank your partner.

Dare you to take me out into the back yard and fuck me on the grass.

Dare you to tie a blind fold around me and do as you please.

Dare you to come inside her while you do anal.

Give him a lap dance while trying to make him come.

Take your love making session.

Take pictures of each other’s sexual body parts.

Use teeth only to remove a bra and panty.

Invite another person in for a threesome.

Use a vibrator to make me cum.

Open the doors and the windows while having sex so neighbors can hear you.

Dare you swallow my cum.

Go to work without a bra.

Give me a hand job in a public place.

Make me come 10 times.

Put a porno on the internet.

One Dirty truth or dare questions serious problem that sometimes happens when couples start coming up with their own questions is that they think they can use them to trick their partner to reveal details about their past that are very damaging to your relationship. So please, please don't use these questions to find out things about your partner that you will just end up resenting.

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