Thursday, 2 June 2016

Best 25++ Good Truth Questions

Next, you actually need to set up the game Good Truth Questions. Both of you need to write down an equal number of truths and dares that you want to ask each other. Each of you should take 20 pieces of paper. Obviously, surprising your man with some raunchy Good Truth Questions is going to catch him off guard and maybe even freak him out a little. Write down a dirty truth you want to ask your man on the first 10 pieces of paper, and fold them. Then, write down a dirty dare on the next 10 pieces of paper and fold them. Your man needs to do the same. Good Truth Questions So please, please don't use these questions to find out things about your partner that you will just end up resenting. Since this is Life Daily, and not a porno magazine, our team has been careful to select what we call “relatively” Good Truth Questions and tasks. The idea is to get a few couples together to play the game. It is very important to lay down a few ground rules in advance in order to establish the boundaries of what is permissible.

Good Truth Questions

1) Was our first date really exciting?

2) When do you plan to have our first kid?

3) Your first ever date experience?

4) How many relationship break did you have till now?

5) What is the one strange habit you have?

6) Your expectations from your partner?

7) What is the one biggest fear factor in a relationship?

8) Do you have a cute nickname?

9) What is the pet name which your parents gave you?

10) Tell me something about the worst experience you had with your ex?

11) Do you prefer vegetarian food or nonveg? Which is the favorite food your mother prepares for you?
12) First kiss experience?

13) Which kind of movies do you prefer to watch?

14) If you have to be in a lonely place for one week what would you like to take along with you?

15) Usually, it is said that the colors you like speak something about you. For example, color psychology says  people who like green maintain a perfect balance between heart and emotions. Which is your favorite color?

That’s Good Truth Questions why we think it’s the perfect game to play with your other half. It’ll let you in on their inner most secrets, it’ll teach you how they behave under pressure and, of course, it’ll teach you what they’d like to know about you. Just be sure you’re ready to step up to the mark and spill your secrets too!

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